Are you a company selling a new diagnostic kit?

No. Recurrence Online provides a bioinformatic algorithm accessible over the internet. Please support our project by citing our papers:

- Gyorffy B, Karn T, Sztupinszki Z, Weltz B, Müller V, Pusztai L.: Dynamic classification using case-specific training cohorts outperforms static gene expression signatures in breast cancer. Int J Cancer. (2015) 136(9):2091-8.

- Gyorffy B, Benke Zs, Lanczky A, Balazs B, Szallasi Z, Timar J, Schafer R.: RecurrenceOnline: an online analysis tool to determine breast cancer recurrence and hormone receptor status using microarray data. Breast Cancer Res Treat (2012). 132(3):1025-34.

What is the advantage of recurrence online over other diagnostic approaches?

This online classification system is based on standard genome-wide microarrays and is capable to compute different prognostic parameters simultaneously. Our approach challenges the traditional strategy of seeking the development of a static, laboratory-based multi-genic prognostic test.

Is it possible to run the analysis in batch mode?

As the analysis of a single array can take up to 10 minutes, we had to disable the batch mode analysis option. Would you like to run the analysis on a large set of samples, please send us the .CEL files and we will be happy to make the analysis for you. For this, please contact us at gyorffy@recurrenceonline.com.

Which microarrays are eligible?

Currently  www.recurrenceonline.com supports Affymetrix HGU133A and HGU133plus2 microarrays. Only raw .CEL files are supported, do not use compressed (like .rar, .zip) and processed files. Please avoid the use of special characters in the file name, as these might result in error messages.